Lotus Chocolate

LOTUS Dark Chocolate

Lotus dark chocolate is real chocolate that is also known as lotus regular cooking chocolate which contains more than 60% Cocoa derivatives. A true bitter chocolate with intense chocolate flavour and mild sweetness made from Dutch processed cocoa liquor and deodorized cocoa butter with deep dark

colour and high content of cocoa solids. Being market leaders for this segment, Lotus makes enormous quantities of this product which is in turn used by home makers as well as big bakers, chefs and chocolate manufacturers. This dark chocolate with its high cocoa content is rich in cholesterol-battling antioxidants and helps ward off some of the factors associated with heart attacks and stroke, further the antioxidants in dark chocolate are called flavonoids, which are potent plant compounds also found in tea, red wine and some fruits and vegetables. The above qualities make the product much appreciated for its health benefits and perfection.

Excellent for
  • Topping on ice cream cones in shredded chips form, where the bitter taste of cocoa and a strong essence of chocolate is preferred.
  • For cake dressing, where dark chocolate colour is preferred.
  • Moulding in to dark chocolate shapes with liquor, puree and praline centers.

LOTUS Milk Chocolate

A premium milk chocolate with a creamy milk note and a rich chocolate flavour, this product is exclusively made from high grade milk powder, prime pressed deodorized cocoa butter and treated cocoa liquor from carefully selected cocoa beans.

Excellent for
  • Topping on ice cream cones in shredded chips form.
  • Moulding into milk chocolates of different shapes.
  • Inclusion in the form of grated chips in ice creams.
  • Covering nuts, dry fruits, biscuits like centers that require mild chocolate flavour.
  • Cake dressing, where rich milk chocolate flavours are preferred.

Note : All real chocolate requires tempering. Lotus makes customized products with various combinations to cater to your needs... some of these include flow able properties and melting temperatures etc.